How that got done; A Cross Section and Time Series Analysis of the No-Income Hypothesis

During the Actions, Conversations and Intersections exhibit at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park, I sent out a request to all the participants asking them to calculate a budget of all the invisible hours of unpaid labor, all the generous gifting of materials, all the successes and/or failures of securing donations, all the barters, trades, time dollars, and/or community currency that went into making each project happen.  I also asked for the names of people who helped create or produce each project. Basically, I was interested in investigating every part of the exhibit that was not related to monetary exchange.  Listed below are the responses I received (I was unable to calculate the budget for my project, as by the time of this catalog printing it was not yet completed).

Echo Park Time Back (EPTB)
Autumn Rooney

20 Time Dollars were spent to make the EPTB video.
Thank you to everyone who participated:
Alicia Beach, Carrie Grace, Charon Nogues, Erin Smith, Genevieve Guttierez, Gretchen Zalkind, HM157, Howie Cohen, Jaime Lopez Wolters, Jude Maxwell, Kindred Gottlieb Guttierez, Lisa Gerstein, Manny Diaz, Megan Gold, Monica Howe, Nyenye Kitchings, Reid Maxwell, Richard Holguin, Sarah McCabe, The Echo Park Film Center, Toks Shoyoye, Vinca Williamson

Federal dollars spent on making of video, $5 for mini DV.

Fallen Fruit
A collaboration of David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young.
Double Standard, 2008

Our video in Actions, Conversations,and Intersections (titled Double Standard, 2008) had lots of bartered and unpaid help.  The footage was shot by CalArts MFA's Daiana Feuer and Gerard Olson, who donated their labor.  The fruit that we harvest in the video is of course Public Fruit, found growing mostly on the periphery of private and public property.  Much of Fallen Fruit's work is based in this alternative or marginal economy, which resembles a kind of gift economy but also enters the complicated legalities of public and private property, as well as the very old idea of the commons and common property, neither public nor public in the modern sense.  And lastly the text in our video was harvested from YouTube; they are all anonymous viewer's comments on a shorter edited version of this footage (edited not by us but by KCET, i.e. by paid laborers), many of them cruel, racist or homophobic in nature. We appropriated them for this video because we felt they spoke about a different kind of public space, the anonymous space of the internet, and the forms of public discourse that happen there.  But certainly they were taken without anyone's permission, so they are again a kind of economy of appropriation. 

It took a good 3 hours to shoot the footage.
I'd say we harvested about 15 lbs of fruit (though yield is not the goal of these events).
We appropriated about 200 comments from YouTube, and I cannot assess how much time those comments took to write, but they came in over a roughly 24-hour time period...

Make/Shift Magazine

Here's an itemization of the unpaid labor that make/shift magazine has put into the exhibition:

Tabling at the Anarchist Book Fair - 12 hours (three people)
Preparing Collaborative-Editing Workshop - 8.5 hours (primarily one person, with 1 hour's brainstorm/feedback help from 2 others)
Presenting Collaborative-Editing Workshop - 2 hours (primarily one person, with assistance from 1 other)

= 24.5 unpaid hours provided by 5 different people (Jessica Hoffmann, Heather Bowlan, Christine Petit + two who's rather remain anonymous)

Jocelyn Foye
Ballet Abstracted, 2010

Unpaid labor: 14 hours
Donations: (time-based) 20 hours
Execution of each work: 40 hours
Friends that donated time to perform, help:
Kelly Valignota (dancer)
Michelle Joye (install and prep MAJOR assistance)
Marshall Astor (photo, donate space at Angel's Gate)
Edith Abeyta (installation)
Jeff Foye (video)
Lindsay Schneider (photography)
McLean Fahnestock (supply retrieval)

Materials and Applications
Extraterritorial Build, 2010

Volunteer List:
Christopher Alexander, Jason Anthon, Neil Babitch, Paul Bacca, Charles Bernstein, Katie Brennan, John Burtle, Bruce Chan, Henry Cheung, Jenna Didier, Aeden Gasser, Jonathon Gasser, Gloria Gerace, Tara Godvin, Matthew Grayson, Oliver Hess, Rob Hoover, Theresa Hwang, Nicole Ives, Brian Janeczko, Sophea Khem, Randy Kiefer, June Kim, Kelly Sun Kim, Glen Kinoshita, Ari Kletzky, Jessica Lim, Ramon Martinez, Matt Melnyk, Michael Miller, Helen Park, Reid Petit, Anh Pham, Joe Rooks, Aaron Ryan, Peter Salem, Samuel Starr, Beth Stone, Jenn Su, Sophie Wijaya, Roger Workman

Approximated Volunteer Hours:
Three Weekends of design and installation work, Saturday and Sunday from 12-6pm.
Average Volunteers per workshop = 10
Estimating 360 Volunteer Hours.

Materials Donors:
Los Angeles Arboretum (donated hundreds of pounds of waste bamboo)
Brookwood Roll Goods (donated 2 rolls of cordura fabric, worth around $180 each)

Food Donors:
Mamma Mia Cafe (Sandwiches for 12 on one occasion)
Palermo Ristorante Italiano (Pasta and Salad for about 50 on one occasion)

Laurel Paley
The Longest Potholder, 2001-ongoing

It is nearly impossible for me to add up the hours and labor hours in a precise way. The Longest Potholder has been going on since 2001 with events all over. So I will try here.

Approximately 500 participants, most participating between 1-15 hours

Estimating hours:
300 participating 1 hour (300 hours)
100 participating 5 hours (500 hours)
90 participating 15 hours (450 hours)
10 participating 40 hours (400)
(this does not include the artist participating hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of hours)
Total Donated Hours estimated at 1650 hours.

Donated single and unwanted used (clean) socks, socks and hose with holes, etc. Since this material was considered "throwaway" it is hard to estimate a value. It is worth more than scrap, and worth less than new socks.
100 lb. of socks..... perhaps 500 dollars?

Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Editorial Collective

June 2009
5 hours: Write a proposal for Actions, Conversations, Intersections  Exhibition -- Christina Ulke, Marc Herbst

September 2009 - January 2010:
6 hours --Correspondance in regards to show etc -- Christina Ulke

October 2009
2 hours: Meeting with curator at Barnsdale-- Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Christina Ulke
2 hours related Childcare --Marc Herbst

November 2009
2 hours: Meeting with the Joaap Editorial Collective -- Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Christina Ulke

November 2009
18 hours: look for a cheap copy machine (craigslist etc) -- Christina Ulke

November 2009
4 hours: pick up copy machine ($50.00) in the valley -- Christina Ulke

November 2009
Pay for childcare while picking up copy machine ( 4 x 15 = 60 dollars) Christina Ulke

December 2009
2 hours: Get an alternative copy machine (better paper handling)  in Hollywood: Marc Herbst
2 hours: return it, because its broken — Marc Herbst
4 hours childcare —Christina Ulke

December 2009
2 hours: get toner  ($ 50.00) for the copy machine — Christina Ulke
2 hours: return it because the cartridge is broken— Christina Ulke

January 2010
2 hours: write wall label: Mac Herbst, Christina Ulke

January 2010
1 hour: Organize/schedule pick up of exhibition component ( metal duct) -- Christina Ulke, Marc Herbst

January 2010
1.5 hours: buy paper at staples ( c.a. 10 dollars) --Christina Ulke

January 2010
1 hour: transportation, loading of art work— Marc Herbst, Christina Ulke

January 2010
4  hours: installation of the piece at Barnsdale, write text on wall, arrange elements— Marc Herbst, Christina Ulke
               Robby Herbst ( 3 hours)
4 hours: 60 dollars, pay for baby sitter Marc Herbst, Christina Ulke

Steven L. Anderson
Matter into Spirit

Moral Support
Amazon: i-Flash Team 2GB Micro SD card:      $7.2
Chinatown Gas Batteries:         $5.75
DealExtreme 3 i-pod Shuffle Knockoffs, Digital Buddhist Jukebox:  $28.91
Do It Best Hardware Hardware:        $6.57
Home Depot 5pcs. 1/2" conduit:        $8.06
Home Depot 20pcs 1/2" elbow, 10pcs. Screw connector:     $77.15
Home Depot 1x4x8 No2:        $4.27
Home Depot 2pcs."sample", 1/2TCONDTBDY, 3pcs. Screw conn.,
6pcs. 1/2" elbow, 12' cubetapwh:       $36.29
Home Depot 1//2" conduit, 1/2" coupling, 90° angle connector,
1/2" emt sw coupling, screw connector, 1/2" Emt EL:    $14.56
Radio Shack 9v adaptor, 4.5v adaptor, adaptaplugs:     $48.16
Radio Shack speakers, speaker wire, 2pcs. 16' speaker cable:   $52.64
Reliable Do It Center Clear silicone sealant:      $6.57
The Container Store 2pcs. tupperware container:     $17.54
The Container Store large plastic containers:      $19.74
The Public School Small-scale Solar class:      $45.00
Tritch Hardware Hardware:        $12.62
Tritch Hardware Hardware:        $1.96
Tritch Hardware Hardware:        $3.49
Virgil's Hardware Spray paint, elec. Plug:      $9.86
Virgil's Hardware Spray Paint:       $5.48
Virgil's Hardware 4pcs. Spray paint,2pcs. corner clamp, electircal tape,
pipe cutter, soda, 2pcs. Padlocks:       $69.60

As for hours, I can’t really calculate that, but I can recall at least 3 or 4 all-nighters.