Too Much Information; Artist Lecture

March 25, 7:30pm, Human Resources, Los Angeles, CA

410 Cottage Home St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please join CLOSING for a week of presentations that invite 8 artists to play with form of public address and take on the task of communicating a substantial amount of information to an audience.

Monday, May 23rd - Suzy Newbury
Tuesday, May 24th - Samantha Roth
Wednesday, May 25th - Elana Mann
Thursday, May 26th - Patrick Staff
Friday, May 27th - Jennifer Moon + laub
Saturday, May 28th - Patricia Fernandez
Sunday, May 29th - Rosten Woo

at Human Resources
Doors and Cash Bar at 7:30pm
Presentations begin at 8:00pm

Publications and printed matters by Gilda Davidian, David Gilbert, Paul Pescador, and Samantha Roth–produced by CLOSING–will be available for purchase at all events.