Between Radical Art and Critical Pedagogy

An interview with the artists Suzanne Lacy and Leslie Starus published in the book: In the Canyon, Revise the Canon, edited by Geraldine Gourbe.

My Tribe: An Interview with Senga Nengudi

An interview of the artist Senga Nengudi, co-written with Vera Brunner-Sung, published in the book: In the Canyon, Revise the Canon, edited by Geraldine Gourbe.

Searching for the Murmurs of History

An article written about an interactive artist project at the Getty Villa, which encouraged visitors to explore the museum with their ears

Rupture and Continuity in Feminist Re-performance

Looking back at their re-creation of 1960s and 70s feminist works for the 2012 festival 'Pacific Standard Time,' artists Audrey Chan, Alexandra Grant and Elana Mann discuss the value of re-performance as a means of producing an embodied relationship with the past. The essay was published in Issue 33, Summer 2013 of Afterall Journal.

Radical Receptivities

Co-written with Juliana Snapper, this essay (published in Art21) reflects on the authors' experiences with listening, voicing, and receiving within their own collaboration and inside the Occupy Movement.

Can't Afford the Freeway

This essay is about the body of work entitled Can't Afford the Freeway, 2007-10, published in the REDCAT gallery brochure.

Reflections on Retirement Bash

Retirement Bash was a performance project commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA). The essay was included in a book about the project published by MOCA.

Alone Togetherness & Mutual Abandon in the City of Flowers and Sunshine

This article was published in The Futility of Making Salad, by Material and Insert Press as part of a series of discussions about artists and community in Los Angeles.

How that got done; A Cross Section and Time Series Analysis of the No-Income Hypothesis

This project was published in an exhibition catalog for the show "Actions, Conversations, and Intersections" at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Art Park.

The Participant: Scenes from Time Banking

This short play about adventures in "time banking" was published in the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Issue #7.

Elana Mann on Performing Economies

This essay on the project Performing Economies was published by the artist Carolina Caycedo in her book Day To Day, published in October, 2009.

Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions: Notes from the trenches

This essay was written during the process of organizing the project Exquisite Acts and Everyday Rebellions: 2007 CalArts Feminist Art Project.