Art, Education & Justice

Sunday, October 12, 2014, 6-9pm

Human Resources
410 Cottage Home St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

A social event for artists, faculty, students, and allies. Join the ongoing conversation to help create a better future for higher education! Music, drinks, and special guests.

Come be part of the growing national movement for education justice. Spend an artful evening with faculty, students and allies in the Los Angeles area. Our goal is nothing short of fixing our broken higher education system and ensuring everyone has access to a quality, affordable college education.

Featured Participants:
Adjunct Action
Adjunct Underground
Amanda Yates Garcia, Oracle of Los Angeles
Dani Tull
Divest CalArts
Dream Higher CA
ENN (Eternal Network News)
Joshua Callaghan
Ken Ehrlich
Llano Del Rio Collective
Matias Viegener
Occupy CalArts
SEIU 721
Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.)

More special guests to be announced!
Plus some special prizes from Jacobin Magazine!

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