ENN (Eternal Network News)

ENN (Eternal Network News) is an independent news collective produced by and for artists, art enthusiasts, and the general public. ENN’s broadcast performances presented thought-provoking first person reporting, while simultaneously challenging the histrionic tactics of mainstream newscasters.

This video is an excerpt of ENN (Eternal Network News), an ongoing series of news broadcast by artist Elana Mann. This broadcast features an exclusive interview with Egyptian artist Moataz Nasr.

Elana Mann founded the Eternal Network News (ENN) in Los Angeles during the fall of 2010 when she perceived a need for artists worldwide to be able to connect with each other on issues that were affecting their everyday lives, such as censorship, financial hardship, etc. The first ENN broadcast took place at Machine Project in Los Angeles on November 20, 2010, during the Eternal Telethon: Infinity + 24 event.  Mann conducted various skype, phone and g-chat interviews with artists from Singapore, Puerto Rico, Chile, Iraq and Oregon. The second ENN broadcast took place at the MAK Center in Los Angeles as part of the Eternal Telethon: Our work is never done, in the Spring of 2011. During the second broadcast, Mann interviewed Egyptian artist and cultural leader Moataz Nasr via skype on news from the "Arab Spring" and the climate for contemporary art in Egypt.

First ENN broadcast at Machine Project, Los Angeles, CA during Eternal Telethon's: Infinity + 24 event
ENN exclusive interview with artist Rebeen Majeed Hamarafiq, in Kurdistan, Iraq
ENN exclusive interview with artist Mike H. j, Chang in Singapore
audience member asks Hamarafiq a question
ENN exclusive interview with artist Carolina Caycedo in San Jaun, Puerto Rico
ENN second broadcast at the MAK center in Los Angeles, CA with artist Moataz Nasr in Cairo, Egypt