A Guidebook of Alternative Nows

Featuring the Artist Bailout Collective

A Guidebook of Alternative Nows
Edited by: Amber Hickey
Published by: the Journal of Aethetics & Protest Press

A survey of the creative, present possible future.

Los Angeles book launch:
July 28th, 2012 3-5pm
The Last Bookstore

Contributions by:
Alex Kemman (The Valreep Collective) , Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens , Artist Bailout Collective , Billy Mark , Cheyenna Weber (SolidarityNYC) , Antonio Scarponi (Conceptual Devices) , Critical Art Ensemble , Ethan Miller , Fallen Fruit , Georg Hobmeier and Tommy Noonan , Howling Mob Society , Jeanne van Heeswijk , Jenny Cameron , Johannes Grenzfurthner (Monochrom) , Marc Herbst and Christina Ulke (Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Editorial Collective) , Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative , Ken Ehrlich and Kate Johnston , Llano Del Rio Collective , New Social Art School , Platform , Rori Knudtson (School of Critical Engagement) , Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas) , Sasha Costanza-Chock , SPURSE , swearonourfriendship , T.J. Demos , Temporary Services , The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination , Precarious Workers Brigade , The Vacuum Cleaner , The Yes Men , TradeSchool.coop , UrbanFarmers , Watts House Project .

Preview and Download the PDF here. (http://joaap.org/press/alternativenows_hickey.htm)

Purchase the printed book here. $30 (http://joaap.org/press.htm#books)
(The Guidebook is using a profit-share model to distribute eventual income from the book between all parties involved: 34 contributors, 1 cover artist...etc.)