Artist Bailout

Artist Bailout was a Los Angeles initiative to fund new work by artists during the economic crisis. This new philanthropic model brings together artists and patrons for a lunch, which is part performance part fundraiser and culminates in the presentation of two micro-grants for emerging artists.

The Artist Bailout was founded by Elana Mann and Autumn Rooney in the spring of 2010 and members included Jenn Su, Laura Noguera, and Michael Rippens. The Artist Bailout collective staged four events over the course of two years, funding eight projects by Los Angeles based artists, and raising over five thousand dollars. The Artist Bailout was featured in A Guidebook of Alternative Nows, edited by Amber Hickey and published by the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest Press in 2012. Artist Bailout was a proud member of the international movement of community-generated grants for artists called Sunday Soup.

Laura Bouza with Gaia Mama
Juliana Snapper's presentation
Edith Abeyta